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SICK OF YOUR JOB? by Matthew Carlson

Are You Sick of Your J-O-B?

by Matthew Carlson “Full Range Human Being in Motion…or at least trying to be’

Is This You?


-You get up in the morning and the ONLY thing you want to do is STAY in bed…

-You drive to work and you’re sweating, you have a stomach ache, head ache or are VERY tired…

– You want to drive OFF the road or into the asshole that is tailgaiting you… (Going to or coming from work)

-You’re in a meeting and you’d really LOVE to cram  a “post-it” block down the throat of the person talking to you…

-You’re taking bathroom breaks more & more often, sometimes even taking a short nap!

– You start thinking of ways of sabatoging your boss, maybe start signing him or her up anonymously for some non corresponding porn…

-Every time you see your boss, you have violent images or ideas..(back stabs, gun in the ear, a bomb…)

If any of these is you, well my friend, your body is telling you something. What is it? Get out of your job right away!

Your mental well being is at stake! No job is worth destroying your physical health. But how many of us do that job, the one that might pay very well (or not at all well, but you feel you have no choice) and we keeping do it? Alot! That’s how many.

When we finally wake up from the reverie of a bad job (meaning something that doesn’t correspond to who you are) it takes time to unravel the conditioning from society (our family, friends, co-workers) that holds you to it. For example: a good salary might mean having the right friends (but if they’re really your friends, they will remain so after you leave), the status that you have it (maybe your wife or husband loves repeating what it is that you do) or maybe others reecognition of that job (wow, you’re so lucky – wish I could be doing that)…..All of the above are NOT GOOD if “you” don’t feel happy in your job choice. And I say it like that, because what you do really is a choice. (You know that, right?) You have somewhere at some point made a choice, whether you want to accept that or not…(Unless of course you are being held as a slave in the Thai Fishing industry)…

So how do we know when something, I mean a job, is actually meant for us?

First off, I must say that no job is perfect. No job is going to meet every single one of your demands or needs all the time. Maybe most of your demands, or some of them a little bit, or not at all!  But rarely (or probably never) is perfection present in the work that we do, in the work that we choose. What are the essential elements that you need (not someone else’s needs- but YOURS’) in order to feel good about work? What essential elements do you require? If you don’t know, try making a list of them. The things that you require. If you were looking for an apartment and you ABSOLUTLY needed a garden, but accepted a cheaper one on the 2nd floor (with no outside space), well you’re not going to be happy with that for long, no matter what “perks” you might believe make it liveable.

Your job, work or career (depending on your perspective of that) is something that you will spend alot of time doing. It must be something that turns you on, excites you in some way, stimulates you to move on with it. Something that legitimizes what you’re about. But remember too, it doesn’t have to be a long life ‘forever’ choice job either. By that I mean, you can also choose a job for a short period. Every job (and probably most of them) will not last forever. Some jobs are meant to do for short periods. Of course, it depends on what you’re doing specifically, but my personal experience is that after 2 or 3 years in a job, well you’ve seen it, done it, understood it. It’s time to move on! Either a promotion (though its’ probably not you deciding) or a virage, or a total change. People that tell me that they have done the same job for twenty or thirty years, I know they are just playing the game (and I feel kind of sorry for them). Just buying out their time left somehow, waiting for retirement, that famous goldwatch, a last drink with collegues… but then it’s going to be  a handshake and a ‘kiss my ass’ because you probably won’t hear from them anymore…Ouch! Have I said too much?

Perhaps there are sectors in the work field that are so complete that it takes a lifetime to truly learn them: research, law, philosophy, music, the arts…etc. so a lifetime working in these fields can be an evolving experience, not one of maintenance or survival only. Short or long term. It’s is the quality of something of what we do, the intention behind it. Behind the thing.

Even if you judge that today you cannot change your job immediately, at least try to be aware of where you are on the subject of it. Is this job for me? How do I feel living it? If your answer is negative, that awareness will lead you to an intention. An intention of change. Going from where you are now (and you don’t like that place) to where you would like to be (I know that would correspond to my nature, to who I am. That’s where I’d like to be)…

Then go there.