Paris Times (No 8) Patches at Le Chateau La Reine Blanche

Dear Friends & Readers,

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to read and follow my OTHER BLOG found below. It is filled with short stories, fun and drama to be had by all. Paris Times is part of a “TIMES” book series in progress for over 20 years in fact.

The initial idea was a bit like Tales Of The City by Armistead Maupin. Here I will regularly release chapters of this series called, Fresno Times, Paris Times, Marseille Times, San Franciso Time Carlsons, San Diego Times etc….This site I am using to help me rewrite these chapters and write new ones, hopefully to sell at a later day either as an inexpensive PDF file or a soft paperback.

Stay tuned! I’ve only gotten started!

Matt Carlson these/paris-times-no-8-patches-at-le-chateau-la-reine-blanche/

David Gaughran

Amazon launched a Kindle Store in the Netherlands this morning, as anticipated by The Digital Reader yesterday.

Kindle devices are now on sale for prices ranging between €59 for the basic model, up to €189 for the Voyage, and the store has opened with over 3m titles. However, only 20,911 of these titles are in Dutch and only 1,221 of these e-books are by Dutch authors.

That may change now that KDP has launched a local portal for Dutch writers and small presses. The opening of the Dutch Kindle Store also means the abolition of the regressive and unpopular Whispernet Surcharge in the Netherlands which added $2 onto the price of many e-books.

For those already publishing via KDP, your book is on sale in the Dutch Kindle Store without any further action needed at your end. You will earn 70% on sales between €2.60 (~$3.24) and €9.70 (~$12.08) –…

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